Blockhaus System (Wood)

Blockhaus System (Wood)

ES-KO proposes the Blockhaus System (wood) as an environmental and innovative alternative to prefabricated (steel) and traditional (brick and mortar) construction methods.

It’s a technology recommended for the construction of transitional and/or permanent structures (in one or two floors), in a short period of time and in areas with difficult access where the project requires an aesthetic look with wood finishing: schools, chalets, bungalows, hotels, restaurants, shops, private houses, etc.

What is the Blockhaus Technology?
It is an environmental and innovative dry construction technology that uses wood elements (solid or laminated) that are overlapping horizontally and interlocking to create internal and external walls with self bearing capacity.

  • Environmentally friendly and Eco-Sustainable: it has the advantages of a prefabricated system but provides the comfort and durability of a traditional construction method
  • Lightweight 480kg/m²: reduces foundation costs
  • Easy to build, “Lego System”: no need for skilled personnel
  • 100m² in 5 days (erection)
  • No need for heavy equipment: (e.g. cranes) max weight 60kg)
  • Easy to transport inside ISO Box Sea containers
  • Assurance of quality in the required quantities certified with CE Mark in accordance with EN-14080, DIN 10052
  • Short lead production time: 2500m per week
  • Flexibility to adapt to a wide range of designs and solutions
  • Energy saving: high level of insulation in both hot and cold climates, feeling of comfort and ambiance
  • Noise reduction: 30dB (average)
  • Fire resistance: for 80-100mm thickness, REI 60
  • Thermal resistance: thermal conductivity U=1.2W/m K
  • Maintenance/durability: paint every 3 years, 30 years warranty
  • Earthquake/cyclone resistance: wind speed of reference 210km/h
  • Resistance to fungal and insects
Design process

Building process

Final details and interiors

Case study

4* Hotel extension (Decameron, La Somone, Senegal)

In 2012, ES-KO was contacted by Decameron – the international Hotel Chain – interested in developing a new product to the same high standards currently offered to each guest by the 4 Star existing Hotel facilities – whilst drastically reducing the construction times usually needed for traditional buildings.
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ES-KO suggested its Blockhaus Technology solution for its high resistance to an aggressive salty environment with the associated low maintenance costs, short lead production time, easy to build “Lego System”, environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable.

The turnkey extension – covering over 1000m² and inclusive of common facilities such as a tennis courts and 32 fully equipped rooms completed with inside bathroom and fittings – was delivered completed to the client within 3 months, as requested by the client.

This allowed our client to start using the new built section and therefore immediately start to amortize the investment making immediate profit.