Modular Panel System (Steel)

Modular Panel System (Steel)

ES-KO proposes the Modular Panel System (steel) because its flexibility allows different building internal layouts, tailored-made to customer’s requirements.

It’s a technology recommended for the construction of transitional and/or permanent structures (in one or two floors), in a short period of time, where the project requires flexibility in the internal layout of the building, and in areas of difficult access.

What is the Modular Panel Technology?
It is a dry and modular prefabricated steel construction system suitable for international container transport. ES-KO’s Modular Panel Technology is innovative and extremely easy to erect avoiding the usual problems and delays of traditional-type build. It is durable, robust, comfortable, safe and affordable and provides an environmentally-friendly, high standard of living accommodation.

Main features
  • High Quality control: automatic production process, certified product ASTM standards and formaldehyde free
  • Short lead production time, 6000m a month
  • Easy to erect, no need to use skilled personnel, more than 100m in 10 days
  • Electrical components are manufactured in accordance with EU/USD/BS regulations, as per client needs
  • Easy to transport inside 40′ ISO Box Sea containers
  • Internal layout flexibility
  • Wall panels internal height up to 2.7m
  • Warranty for 5 years and designed for a life-span of minimum 10 years with regular maintenance
Building process

Construction and interior details

Case study

School project in Senegal

ES-KO is currently supporting the Minister of Education of Senegal for the replacement of several College, Primary and High school classrooms along fourteen regions in Senegal. At the opening of the first Economic Forum of Senegal in Montreal, Canada, an important Quebec Group, a member of the Canadian Council for Africa, signed an expression of interest with ES-KO as part of a project to replace 6771 classrooms (63m²/each) in Senegal. CC Africa as well as Quebec and Senegalese Ministers congratulated both companies for this happy development that marked the launch of the Forum discussions. The project involved the design, supply, delivery, civil works and full erection of the 6771 school classrooms in three years, using ES-KO’s Modular Panel System technology.