Power, Water & WWTP

Power, Water & Waste Water Treatment

ES-KO Angola can provide, install and maintain a wide range of mechanical equipment to support a worksite with electricity, water and sewage systems.

ES-KO can design and supply a wide range of customized diesel generating sets (from 6Kva to 2000Kva), portable water tanks, submersible pumps for water wells, pressure groups, water and modular waste water treatment plants.

Thanks to its partnerships with European suppliers ES-KO Angola can provide:

  • Stock in Viana (Luanda) Logistics Platform for immediate delivery
  • Delivery to worksite and installation
  • After Sale maintenance service
Power diesel generating sets
  • Customized wide range of diesel generating sets from 6Kva to 2000Kva
  • Engines are “topicalized”
  • The generators utilized, MECC ALTE, LEROY SOMMER and MARELLI STAMFORD are AVR type
  • The engine/generator chassis are designed to protect the engine against engine vibrations. The sound proof canopy is made with special carbon steel with high resistance mineral wool as internal insulation
  • Curved corners finishings provide strength and durability to the equipment while presenting an attractive design
  • Illumination towers

Water distribution systems
Thanks to its partnerships with European manufacturers, ES-KO Angola can design, supply and install at a competitive price and in a short production lead time a wide range of:

  • Water treatment systems with UV and automatic chlorination dosing system
  • Water treatment systems by osmosis inversa
  • Clean water storage tanks
  • Submersible pumps for water wells
  • Pressure groups with main control panel

Capacity range goes from a domestic use up to accommodation of a 3000-Man camp.

Water treatment systems
ES-KO Angola can also design and supply:

  • Modular waste water treatment systems for domestic use, in small and medium sized villages
  • Include air blowing, electrical control panel, Plug and Play
  • Modules constructed with polyethylene and polyester material, high resistance materials
  • The system allows treatment of effluents up to 93% in BOD5 and 90% en SST and manufactured under EU norms in compliance with all international regulations and standards for waste water treatment in urban zones
  • Containerized WWTP designed on the basis of membrane bioreactor technology