Pre-engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered Buildings

ES-KO can offer civil and industrial structures such as towers, stadiums and bridges, in collaboration with Carraro Steel and Technology (Vincenza, Italy), a company with 40 years experience. Innovative products distinguished in strength and duration in the total respect of the environment.

Since 1974, ES-KO is a founding member of the ITSC “Italian Trade & Service Consortium”. The Consortium is a non-profit organization created with the specific aim of meeting the needs of some companies that were operating in southern Africa.

Carrara Steel and Technology is also member of ITSC Consortium, and thanks to its cooperation with ES-KO we are able to create products with a high degree of precision that fit perfectly in the surrounding environments.

In the production and assembly phases we use lean manufacturing methods that guarantee a perfect execution of each work step. These methods increase the production speed and allow a considerable saving on installation time.

All processes have been designed and implemented according to UNI EN 9001, UNI EN 3834-2 and SOA OS 18 class 5 to pursue a continuous improvements and to achieve excellence in the construction methods.
Our technical staff is able to advise the customer the best suitable solution in terms of cost and construction efficiency. In design and detailing phases we use the best 3D programs to avoid any possible error. These programs interface with the steel construction machine in order to reach the perfect execution (plasma).

Many years of experience combined with research and new technologies allows us to provide innovative solutions on technical materials. Nanotechnological processes enrich surfaces and make them difficult to be attacked by dust and weather. With these innovations we offer products that have no need for special maintenance and that are distinguished both in strength and duration with total respect for the environment.

We can offer facilities for the Oil and Gas sector with different shapes and patterns. Time is money; that is why every ES-KO steel industrial building, large or small, will be ready in double-quick time and with minimal site nuisance, and it will last for years.